Creating Value at Scale Creating Value at Scale

Creating Value at Scale

Digital media transformation drives disruption
and propels innovative growth

A venture equity firm that specializes in acquiring and investing in digital brands with high growth potential.

North’s investment team has extensive experience as private investors and operators at the intersection of technology, data, and digital media. Its investment portfolio includes Recurrent Ventures, the parent company of best in class digital brands such as Popular Science, The Drive, and Domino, and Empire Software, a SaaS platform. 


North Equity is committed to integrity and transparency, remaining true to who we are, and being honest with all of our stakeholders. We approach every decision and action with truthfulness and an open mind, and we’re as candid as possible about the reasons, conclusions, and results of those decisions and actions. Across our organization, we expect clear and consistent communications, as well as honest and direct feedback—both positive and constructive, horizontally and vertically—from all team members regardless of level.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

We care about the people, communities, and environments that coexist on Earth. We are the first media organization -- as media investors, operators and innovators -- to center on social responsibility and sustainability within our storytelling and with every business decision we make. We also believe that a diverse and representative work environment is additive to a successful company and that everyone benefits from an inclusive, open-minded, and equitable culture. This fundamental core human value is a guiding principle for our organization and one in which we are constantly striving to do better as part of an ongoing process of learning and growing. Our leadership team works very closely with our DEI Employee Workgroup to ensure we are proactive and realizing these standards.

Growth Mindset

We approach business with the same tireless curiosity that our journalists approach their stories. We don’t believe in complacency, so no matter how we’re doing, we’re always looking to innovate, and we approach new opportunities with intellectual curiosity and a growth mindset-- whether content topics, natural extensions of our business operations, or potential acquisitions. We also cultivate a growth mindset within our people, and we believe in empowering them to be intellectually curious in both their work and personal lives. We support our employees in their professional development, and we’re committed to building a continuous learning organization-- focused on improvement and innovation-- that’s aligned with our goal of growing each brand and company. We’re committed to excel and are willing to invest in the people, products, and services that foster growth and innovation.


We know that we are better together, as the sum of all of our parts. We believe that the pathway to our collective success is paved in partnership, shared responsibility, and teamwork. As such, our unique equity participation structure makes all employees owners and shareholders. Additionally, we are committed to sharing information, resources, relationships, and best practices across the organization. As a company and as colleagues, we empower each other and our teams to excel, while working collaboratively to achieve new heights.