Press Release

The Drive to Spotlight Asian Voices in Celebration of AAPI Heritage Month

May 7, 2021 (New York, NY)—The Drive will be celebrating the Asian American Pacific Islander community throughout May with a series of profiles on prominent members of the automotive industry and car enthusiast culture.  

The editorial initiative will be overseen by The Drive’s Deputy Editor, Kristen Lee and Editor-in-Chief, Kyle Cheromcha. The series of profiles will be published throughout the month with the intention of honoring and lifting up AAPI voices to promote diversity within the car community.

“I have always felt at home around cars and I know others do, too. With the continued attacks on the AAPI community, this initiative felt like a good way for us to reclaim the narrative in a positive manner,” said Lee. “We want to shine a light on folks who have made a name for themselves in the automotive sector. Hopefully, it will send the message that Asians can and do belong here.”

The profiles will be published twice a week, starting with the influential photographer Larry Chen. It will also feature Jodi Lai (Editor-in-Chief, AutoTrader Canada), Ken Gushi (professional driver and stunt driver), and Sean Lee (entrepreneur and founder of Purist Group, a non-profit organization). 

“When Kristen raised the idea, I knew we had to make it happen. It’s a little different than our everyday coverage of news and car culture, but seeing the overwhelmingly positive response to her introductory story—especially from other AAPI folks—just reaffirmed our decision,” said Cheromcha. “Undertaking this series has also helped us reexamine how we can use our platform to give a voice to underrepresented communities, now and in the future.”

More information about this initiative can be found here



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