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Brookline Media Inc. Relaunches Car Bibles

March 5, 2021 (New York, NY)Brookline Media Inc., a portfolio company of North Equity, has relaunched Car Bibles, announced Mike Spinelli, VP of Content for Brookline Media. Previously a dedicated product review website, the popular brand’s editorial mission is now expanding to include original articles that celebrate the changing car market while demystifying its complexities. It will publish automotive adventure stories, DIY tips, and vehicle sale information as well as product reviews, all with an eye towards accessibility and affordability for consumers.  

Car Bibles will be a vital resource for any car enthusiast looking to get the most out of their vehicle, whether they’re trying to set up a high-performance machine for track days or just save gas getting to work. This relaunch marks the introduction of a new editorial team, original and revised content, a new website design, and more. It joins Brookline’s best-in-class auto and military media brands: The Drive, Task & Purpose, and The War Zone. 

Longtime auto journalist Andrew Collins, previously the Reviews Editor at Jalopnik, will spearhead Car Bibles’ mission and vision as the brand’s Editor-in-Chief. Chris Rosales will cover the automotive social scene and developments in technology, Kevin Williams will, among other things, teach readers how to solve the strange noises that well-used cars tend to develop, and Peter Nelson will help readers navigate the used car market and develop better driving techniques. Coverage will also be overseen by veteran automotive writer and editor, Brookline’s Editorial Director, Patrick George.

“Now more than ever consumers are leaning into DIY and looking to get the most out of any purchase. Car Bibles will be the resource they need, and this approach perfectly complements the vehicle news and transportation coverage that The Drive produces. We have complete confidence in Andrew and Patrick and tremendous respect for their editorial expertise. The team they have assembled to relaunch this brand, combined with the type of coverage they are producing, will help us and create a collaborative community of auto enthusiasts.”

Mike Spinelli

VP of Content, Brookline Media

“We’re focused on accessibility; buying and maintaining cars is a nebulous and intimidating process we want to demystify for people on a budget. By the same token, having fun with cars doesn’t have to be an exclusive realm of the rich. Whether you’re really looking to learn how to get the most out of your vehicle or you just want to understand what your mechanic is saying as they ring you up, Car Bibles is going to be an invaluable resource.”

Andrew Collins

Editor in Chief, Car Bibles

More information about Car Bibles’ editorial team, approach, and content can be found here



Car Bibles is the ultimate guide to buying and maintaining a car. It offers comprehensive guides to online auctions and sales, thoroughly vetted product reviews, automotive maintenance tips, and more. The editorial team is a powerhouse of product experts, veteran journalists, and shadetree mechanics offering firsthand knowledge and professional experience to aid readers in making the right choices about their cars. 


Brookline Media Inc. is a portfolio company of North Equity a venture equity firm that acquires, builds, and scales transformative digital media brands using a proprietary combination of operational, data, and technology expertise. Brookline houses North Equity’s best-in-class auto and military verticals such as The Drive, Car Bibles, Task & Purpose, and The War Zone. It also operates Military Spouse Fest, a thriving event series presented in partnership with USAA for military spouses and families.